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How I think

So I really think that self-employment is great. I believe in small businesses and want to help them. If you want to start a business then I want to help you. If you run a business then I want to help you.


You will not find me doing anything to promote corporate giants or faceless enterprises (Its just the hippy in me)


I have a great amount of confidence in and loyalty to clients:


What annoys me?


When people have a business but don't seem to value the fact.


When they think that running a business entails sitting on a chair opening the door and waiting for customers to come to them.


When they offer appalling customer service or no customer service at all.


When people don't have any confidence in what they do or think it is not worth advertising. Whether you promote yourself with me or someone else unless you are very fortunate we all need to advertise.


The answer is 300 :)


A bit like the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy the answer is 300.


If you do not have £300 spare a month to spend on advertising then your business is probably not viable. Bear in mind that you are still going to be paying, Rent,Rates,Lighting, Staff Costs whether you are making money or not. However don't just advertise. Work out why you want to advertise , where you want to advertise and what you want to gain.