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Help in your shop or cafe - but only when you need it.


I would like to offer my services to you if you need occasional help in your shop or cafe for example


  • Busy times of the day

  • Seasonal help

  • Sickness cover

  • Staff holidays


I am semi retired at 63 and wish to work not more than 3 hours a day between the hours of 8am to 6pm.


I am experienced in all aspects of customer service having worked extensively in the retail and hospitality industry. I have worked for myself for over 14 years providing business services to clients,mainly leaflet delivery and advice on marketing.


At the time of writing I would be looking for £10 an hour weekdays and £15 an hour Saturdays or Sundays. You only pay for the hours you need and no contract or NI contributions.You do though have to provide a safe workplace.


I live in Charminster and the buses run every 8 minutes to the Town Centre and Westbourne.


Text me on 07598 215 092 and I will come and see you or keep my details handy in case you need help in the future.



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